Josef Nadj Regional Creative Atelier, Kanjiza, Serbia

Josef Nadj, Szakonyi Gyork, Eric Fessenmeyer , Péter Gemza, Gyula Francia, Enikő Buday, Ákos Kalmár, Dénes Döbrei, Junya Ishii

Szilárd Mezei, Bogdan Rankovic, Branislav Aksin, Kornél Pápista,Albert Márkos, Ervin Malina, Csík István

Costume: Aleksandra Pesic

2009 Premiered at Jazz Festival Kanjiza Vojvodina, Serbia; then toured at
Barka Theatre, Budapest
2010 Tanzhaus nrw, Dusseldorf,  Festival de Marseille France, Pancevo, Serbia
2012 Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The works by Josef Nadj, an illustrious choreographer of Hungarian descent, are unfailingly sensational. For a number of years, Nadj has lived between Orleans (France), where he heads a choreographic centre, and his native Kanjiza in Vojvodina, where he has established a creative atelier. An idiosyncratic and extremely telling physical expression, a unique stage magic that invests space with new dimensions, and objects with new form and content, the richness of a certain Central European tradition, the refined invoking of the magical and the ritual, the intensity of artistic quest…

Nadj never repeats himself; the only constant element in his art is suggestiveness. Moving their limbs like action painters, the dancers give shape to Nadj’s current performance, whose title is borrowed from an old Hungarian saying, in close interaction with a jazz ensemble. A series of tableaux is created through continuous movement and transformation: objects, sounds, images, people… the world is constantly being re-invented.



I think most people might have own “master”. Who makes you courage to walk your own way alone. For me, there is no doubt that Hungarian, Serbian,French, ex-Yugoslavian choreographer and visual artist Josef Nadj is the person, whom I think as “my master of poet”.  I am not watching him as tower, I am always watching him at the horizon, and then laughing with weird humor together when I meet him.

It is really hard to describe to other what I actually learned from him. I did not learn how to dance, neither nor how to manage life as artist as so on at all. However, I am surely can say that I learned how to enjoy drinking good wine, how to enjoy (sometime seriously) talking about poets, politics, films, arts as so on. And of course those conversation are related with creation for him. So I say to myself, I learned really important basic things to creative and live. Simply, I am lucky to meet remarkable surrealist, zen buddhist, and jazz freak in my life.

In 2009, during the term when I lived in Hungary, I traveled to the silent town called Kanjiza in province of Vojvodina, Serbia. This town had history as a town in Yugoslavia before the war began in 1991. The city is surrounded by horizon.

I have been admired to theater performance by Josef Nadj, since I first watched the VHS of his significant theater piece Woyzeck while I was studying in university in Tokyo. It destroyed my view of “theatre”. What is essential about his Woyzeck is that he created completely unique cosmogony with abstract Gerorg Büchner’s text.

Josef and his team create this performance not only with body presence, but also with bizarre installation and objects. There are plenty of allegorical movement can be seen by actors in the dusty room space. It also has surrealistic dark humor. Josef Nadj’s Woyzeck is master piece.  

One of my biggest fortune in my life is that I had chance to work with him to participate for his new creation named Length of 100 Needles in Regional Creative Atelier Josef Nadj, Kanjiza. The experience to stay in Kanjiza and create performance with Josef Nadj opened my mind to see the theater, dance, music and poet in the different aspect, and get more closer to the reality. This is my first experience to justify my decision to study literature in University.

The creation of theater and live music LENGTH OF 100 NEEDLES  is taken the title from composer Mezei Szilard’s music. With the direction of Josef Nadj and Mezei Szilard, various actors and musician from Hungarians, Serbians, and one Japanese are forming to create the unique live performance.

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