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“Memory and Imagined Landscape”

2017. March 2nd @ Super Deluxe

Memories accumulate from our daily lives, like a pool of sand accumulates from the ocean. How can the memories reflected in these films trickle into our own memories and begin to affect our present lives?

“Memory and Imagined Landscape” is a short film screening event, showing films from multiple cultures which all aim to reflect this idea. The event will be running simultaneously at The Gallery Cafe in UK, London on March 26th. 

“Rudderless” by Igor and Ivan Buharov portrays a self-analysis of a person living under a minority status in former Yugoslavia in the early 1970s with an absurd touch. “Flowers of Evil” by Szabolcs Tolnai is a dark comedy dealing with privatisation in Southeastern Europe. The film was shot at an abandoned factory building. Daisy Dickinson and Julia Laird traveled to the remote mountains and islands of Japan and shot “Soramimi” to capture the rhythms of the forest and create a piece of ritualistic occurrence. “Horizon” by Daniel Szandter, documents the moment when Junya Ishii danced impulsively at the Eurasian Steppe, Puszta.

Additionally, this night brings London based Audio Visual unit OvO – Noriko Okaku (Visual artist) and Akihide Monna (Drummer of Bo Ningen) – presenting live performance “Untitled No2.” which was premiered at Flatpack Festival in Birmingham. Following this will be a dance performance by Junya Ishii and Kohhei Matsuda (Guitarist of Bo Ningen).

Short films  19:30-
Directed by Igor and Ivan Buharov
 | Hungary, 2011, B/W(Super 8), 30min
Directed by Szabolcs Tolnai 

Serbia | 2015 | Color | 30min
Directed by Daisy Dickinson and Julia Laird,  

U.K. | 2016 | Color (Super 8) | 4min
Directed by Daniel Szandtner and Junya Ishii, Hungary | 2010 | Color | 5min

Live Performance  21:00 –
untitled no.1
Dance by Junya Ishii, Music by Kohhei Matsuda
untitled no.2
Audio Visual Performance by OvO
 / Visuals – Noriko Okaku, Music – Akihide Monna

Organized by :      logo_yoko

Supported by:sdlxlogo_yoko 2

Poster/Flyer Image designed by Noriko Okaku
Special Thanx: Daisy Dickinson Films/ Kornél Szilágyi / Nándor Hevesi/ Chizuru Usui/ Happy Tent

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