Actor, Performance artist​​​​​​​
Born in 1983. Raised in Mexico and Canada as a child. Since his youth, he has been active as an actor and dancer, utilizing individual communication in his creative work, which was triggered by his discomfort with a system that demanded homogeneity. He began performing on stage while enrolled in the Comparative Literature and Philosophy course at Rikkyo University's Faculty of Letters, and after graduation, he based himself in Hungary, where he collaborated with musicians, filmmakers, and artists. While in Europe, she met and studied under Serbian/French director and choreographer Josef Nadj and performed in his company's productions. He performed in "Asagao / Morning Glory" (2013), a dance piece by musician Albert Marcos. In 2016, she founded the company PLATAUX, and in 2017, He was awarded the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs Overseas Study Program for Artists (Spain) and presented the Japan-Spain Dance Project "Topos". He has produced a podcast "HIROSHIMA Reading" amidst the pandemic. Most recently, He created a comedy "Interloper" in Slovenia, and a dance piece for Roma children who lost their homes in a fire in Romania.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

1983年生まれ。幼少期はメキシコとカナダで育つ。青年期より同質性を求めるシステムに違和感を持ったことをきっかけに、個人と個人のコミュニケーションを創作に活かしながら、これまで俳優、ダンサーとして活動をしている。立教大学文学部比較文芸思想コース在籍中より舞台に立ち始め、卒業後はハンガリーに拠点に音楽家、映像作家、美術家とコラボレーションを重ねた。在欧中にセルビア・カニジャ演出家・振付家ジョセフ•ナジに出会い師事しカンパニー作品に出演。音楽家アルベルト•マルコスの舞踊作品 『アサガオ 』 (2013)に出演。映像では 『2045 Carnival Folklore』(加藤直輝監督、2015年シアトル国際映画祭出品作)などに出演。2016 年に事業企画団体PLATAUXを設立。2017 年文化庁新進芸術家海外研修員 (スペイン)、日本スペインダンスプロジェクト「トポス」を発表。コロナ禍では、 ポッドキャスト「HIROSHIMA Reading」を制作。直近ではルーマニアにて家を火災で失ったロマ人の子供達のダンス作品を創作した。
photo: Koichi Yamanoha